Studded And Winter Tires


Features And Essence of Studded Tires

Studded tires have been in existence for the past several years now. They are mostly used by drivers in the winter season. During this time, it is hard for one to drive because there is low traction of tires to the road. This is brought about by the slippery roads during such times. To control this, metallic studs are fitted into tires in order to enhance and increase the traction to the road. This method has been most popular from the 1960’s and with the issue of global warming and irregular seasons, it is proving more popular. Before acquisition of studded tires, it is good to understand what these studs look like. Tire studs consist of mainly two major parts: the tungsten carbide pin that protrudes out of the tires tread and the cylindrical metal jacket that is inside the tire. To protect the tube from this metallic stud part, it is coated or dressed with a rubber flange. It should be understood that tire studs work best on tires that are new. On old and ageing tires, trying to stud them can cause serious damage to your tire and tube. This is because of incorrect tire depth and the debris usually accidentally trapped in the tire closer to the tube. It is also not advisable to re-stud your used tires. If tried, there is a risk of total damage to your tires.

Since studded tires are made with different tread depths, the length of studs to be inserted into the tires must be considered. Inserting unconsidered lengths of studs into a tire with a longer or shorter tread depth can cause damage to the tires. It is therefore better that you acquire new such tires instead of getting your current tires fitted with studs. Though a little bit expensive, it is worth its value and because the tires are used only in winter, they can last for many years. The stud number on a tire depends on the depth of the molded hole. In most cases, newer tire studs get color coated in order to ease their identification. The studded tires can last up to several winter seasons without wear. To maintain their effectiveness, it is better not to use these tires on roads without snow or ice. This is because on such roads, the studs will get destroyed easily and because they dig into the road as you are driving, motion resistance tends to increased. This will slow down your speed and of even greater danger is that you will be risking damage to your tube and rims. With proper usage, this type of tires can be very effective. Proper usage involves using them only in the winter season. During other seasons, you should consider changing your tires to the ones that work best on such conditions. This is not only good to the maintenance of the good shape of your car, but also a show of responsibility because the studs, when driven on normal roads, can cause considerable damage to the road surface.

Are Studded Tires Necessary

A few years back if you wanted tires that would perform well in ice and snow then you would take your regular tires to the shop and get them studded. The shop would take your tires and fit metal studs into the tread. This would provide a better grip on icy and snowy surfaces, as the studs would penetrate the slippery top and allow for better all-round handling. These days however, gigantic strides forward have been made in the designs and development of winter tires. With deeper treads and rubber compounds that work extremely well in the most inhospitable cold weather conditions, are studded tires really necessary? Well, as with all these sorts of questions there are many factors to consider. Firstly you need to look at the weather you are likely to be travelling in and the terrain that you wish to cover. If the winter around your parts doesn’t get ridiculously cold and you aren’t thinking of driving off road, then winter tires should do just fine. Most highways will be cleared throughout the worst weather periods by ploughs and road surfaces are usually treated when the snow arrives.

However, if you do intend to cross some pretty remote land in conditions that would make a polar bear shiver then perhaps studded tires could suit your needs. Studded tires will not be the answer to all your traction problems however. When you have studded tires fitted, icy surfaces won’t suddenly react like tarmac. They will definitely help but you still need to be aware of what you are driving on and take it steady. Also they are incredibly noisy; if you’ve just put a really expensive music system in your car, then don’t show it off when riding on studded tires. Remember that studded tires work really well in bad conditions but they are expensive and will wear quickly when the weather doesn’t suit them. So if you don’t need them, get them switched, there are no benefits to using them for the sake of it. So maybe chains or cables would be a better idea. Remember we are only talking about the most extreme winter weather conditions here and also in terrain that very few people would opt to travel through on a daily basis. If you do need to go into these places on a regular basis, maybe as part of your job, then chains could be a bit of a drag. This is because you have to fit and remove them as the weather dictates; which takes time and can be uncomfortable in extreme cold conditions. But, if you aren’t expecting weather that may over extend the capabilities of your winter tires then why go to the expense of studded tires. Buy good quality winter tires and get some chains or cables to keep in the trunk just in case. However, some vehicle manufacturers warn against the use of chains because they can damage some pretty important components that are situated around the wheels, such as the brakes. So always check this out before you make any decision.

Buying Guide For Winter Tires

You should not treat the purchase of your winter tires in any different way to other purchases but apply the same procedure as well as rules. This is because very little will change while the results to be achieved are the same regardless of the type of car that you have. To help you out, this article will give you a shopping guide detailing all the dos and don’ts that you will have to observe in making your tire shopping a success. Even though you might be operating under a tight budget, it is not advisable that you spend meanly in making a purchase. This is because the less you spend the higher your chances of getting tires of poor quality and bearing in mind they are to be used under freezing conditions then you must go for top quality tires. Poor quality tires will furthermore affect your control over the vehicle as well as its performance so you have to be wary of that all the time. Checkout tires near me Everett for more info.

Even with that in mind, there is no reason for you to overspend in making a tire purchase. Regulate the amount of money you are using to accomplish that and the best way by coming up with a budget on how to wisely spend the cash that you have. Your financial plan should be guided by the exact needs to be satisfied, and in this case, it is the type of winter tires to buy and the amount of money that you have. Do not go overboard by prioritizing meaningless things but lay your focus purely on aspects that will help improve on your winter driving experience and nothing more. Never ever make any assumptions that whatever you have come across is the best tire for you to buy. This can lead to making wrong decisions so be sure to consider widely before deciding on what to buy from whatever you have seen in the market.

Your focus should at all times be fixed on getting the best choice so picking the right dealer should be among your top priorities all the time. Do not engage any type of dealer that you think about or come across but make some personal effort to learn more about the company or individuals behind its management. This will help you determine if it is the right choice for you not to end up dealing with a scam. This is even more crucial when you are using online sources since scammers and imposters are very common over the internet. There are also expectations that you will place on the dealer you have chosen and they should be realistic as well as achievable as far as your purchase of winter tires is concerned. Inconveniences usually come up and to be on the safe side, you should buy more than one set of winter tires. This will give you additional security in case the one you are using experiences some problems thus you will have nothing to get worried about as you will have some extra safety measures for your vehicle.